About Us

???ENERGY DEVELOPMENT GROUP??? SH.A. is an Albanian Joint Stock Company, established in accord??ance to Albanian law, since 2008, with its headquarters at Tirana, Albania, managed by its president Mr. Sokol Meqemeja. The main of its activity consists on:

Studying, projecting, consulting services, undertaking and implementation of construction works, investments development through private and/or public funds related to hydro-energy area, labor induction, administration, management, production, sale of energy, construction of power lines etc.

We produce clean energy from the Power of Water. Water power is one of the world’s cleanest and most efficient energy sources. For us, this is an outstanding reason to concentrate our efforts on??promoting the generation of electrical power from this source. We are a producer of hydroenergy power, operating and offering the energy produced mainly in territory of Republic of Albania and Kosovo.

We are deeply committed to the expansion of hydroelectric power generation wherever it is geologically and commercially feasible, because the power of water presents another outstanding advantage: the extreme efficiency of hydropower plants of over 90 percent and their robust engineering ensure the long-term technical and economical viability of such facilities. In addition to these advantages, hydropower plants are characterized by a continuous base load capability and therefore constantly feed power into??the grids.

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