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ENERGY DEVELOPMENT GROUP offers energy services with added value. Whether for constructing power stations and transmission grids, or building services, transport and communication technology, we are your partner along the entire process chain: from the generation and transmission of power to its distribution and utilization.

ENERGY DEVELOPMENT GROUP partners benefit from our comprehensive energy management services right along the value chain. For Energy Development Group, partnership is considered a core priority. Our commitment to partnership helps us to enhance lasting relations based on mutual interest, openness and trust. We collaborate with our partners, guide their needs and offer them ???exible solutions for sustained success. This is where we focus all our energy.

Our Commitment, whether we???re limiting the impact our activities have on the environment, promoting sustainable development for all stakeholders and partners or improving the lives of those who come into direct contact with Energy Development Group, is taking our corporate and social responsibilities very seriously. People, sustainability and the environment are at the heart of all of our decisions. The decisions we make today will define tomorrow. Energy Development group is shaping the future.


In mountainous countries such as ALBANIA, hydroenergy power provides more than half of the country’s energy needs. Because of the great height of the water, it will arrive at the turbines at high pressure, which means that we can extract a great deal of energy from it. The water then flows away downriver as normal.

The company’s core business is industrial plants, with special reference to operations affecting the design, construction, installation, operation and maintenance of hydropower plants. Thanks to partnership with construction companies of long expe??rience, today we are able to realize hydro power plants, from the design to its full realiza??tion “turnkey”.

ENERGY DEVELOPMENT GROUP provides the specialized services, thanks to a team of highly skilled professionals. We take care on the professional development of our personnel, that being guided by the experience gained within our company has the chance to improve their knowledge with practice. Our employees work in full compliance with international law, state and ethical and responsible behavior in countries where we are located.

Over the years we have established important commercial partnerships with:

Design Companies:


Construction Companies:


Penstock Furnitors:


Electro-mechanical?? Furnitors:

GUGLER Water Turbines
C.R. SystemTechonologies

Consultance Companies:


We have created a strong and successful collaboration with one of our powerful companies, integral part of Energy Development Group, which ??is ???Building Construction??? SHPK, that has supported us through its potential ?? and capacity in constructing the major part of the civil works, in our hydro electrical project. He ???? has been a loyal and capable partner in concluding successfully this priority projects for our group.

Our objective is one, to offer millions of citizens a sophisticated service and to satisfy their daily requirements for energy. Energy Development Group aims to open new horizons, which will enable us to develop together.

ENERGY DEVELOPMENT GROUP has been involved in the construction/reconstruction and operation of six major projects in the energy sector and is meanwhile involved in the negotiation process of other projects in the same sector. We operate successfully 3 hydro power plants, two in Albania and one in Kosovo, with an installed capacity in total of approximately 25 MW. The company aims to reach by the end of 2014 a total installed capacity of approximately 55 MW, or in other terms 206,25 GWh/year.

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