This project is located on Klos-Mat District and will be realized by building 4 SHPPs over Bejni cascade, named:
“Cerruja 1″ SHPP
“Cerruja 2″ SHPP
“Rrypa” SHPP
“Klos” SHPP

The water flow on this torrent varies from 1550m above the sea level down to 285m. The installed power on this cascade varies from 1.6MW for Shkalla SHPP to 3.6 MW for Rrypa SHPP. This cascade will have a total installed capacity of 12.8MW. One of the main characteristic of this area is the step slope where the water flows. This makes possible the use of small design flows and big heads. The design flow in this cascade varies from several hundreds of liters per second up to 2.5 m3/sec.
“Cerruja 1″ and “Cerruja 2″ will use the same water flow as design flow and their derivation is completely constructed by the GRP penstock. Currently at “Cerruja 1″ and “Cerruja 2″ the commissioning of electrical-mechanical is under process. Pelton turbines used, supplied by the Gugler Water Turbines GmbH, are turbine types which have been considered suitable for this project. Their respective installed power will be 2.3 MW and 2.8MW.
It is provided that both of “Cerruja 1″ and “Cerruja 2″ are going to be put in operation by the end of November 2013.

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